This Voice Sounds Familiar! Automatic Speaker Recognition in Beey

New technology is now being developed for the Beey editor for recognizing a specific voice and matching it to the correct person from the database. SpeakerID will greatly increase the efficiency of editors and proofreaders who frequently encounter the same set of speakers in their speech-to-text transcripts.

Beey As an Ideal Tool for Teamwork

Beey has already been introduced as a great editor for individual voice to text transcription and the editing that follows. However, did you know that Beey can also be used for working in teams?

The Beey App Uses the Most Accurate Recognition Program on the Market

The online speech-to-text application Beey has launched a new generation of automatic recognition software. As expected, it performs more accurately and reliably than the previous model. Moreover, it has even passed in contrast to the global competition. See how Beey\’s transcription of various recordings compares to the results of Microsoft and Google\’s recognition programs. 

Link App: A New Addition to the Beey Ecosystem

Those who’ve been working with the Beey application for a while will know that what makes us stand out is our effort to respond to feedback from our users in order to make them feel at home in the Beey environment and to make their work go as smoothly as possible. At the same time, we pride ourselves on the simplicity and straightforwardness of our user interface, and therefore we …

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