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Use video transcripts in video production

Learn how transcripts can simplify your video production process.

With Beey you can get the text version of your raw material, as well as finished videos or movies, effortlessly and at a low cost. You can also easily add professional subtitles to your videos. 

  1. Start working with Beey  
    Start simply by uploading your recording to Beey. Log into your Beey account or create a new account here. If you are using Beey for the first time, check out our quick guide for starting to work with Beey
  2. Use Beey for transcribing even raw material 
    Thanks to the transcription of raw recorded material from your projects, you will immediately obtain them in written form. You can use it for easy orientation in the recordings, searching for specific scenes, and preparation for the final edit. 
  3. Quickly and easily transcribe videos from YouTube, Facebook and other sources 
    If you need a written transcript of a public video, you can easily create it in Beey without having to spend lots of time transcribing manually. Read about how you can transcribe videos from YouTube or Facebook.  
  4. Caption your videos  
    Captioning videos can be easy and fun. Forget about manually transcribing and timing your captions. In Beey you can have your transcript automatically generated and edited in a matter of minutes, which will then be used to create your captions. Read on to find out how to go about it. 

See for yourself how Beey can make your job easier and more efficient

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