Price list

Choose your pricing model

In the basic price model Beey Standard, we charge only 0.10 € + VAT per minute of your audio recording. Credit (for our transcription services) can be bought in hourly packages directly in the application using a payment card. For more demanding customers, we have prepared the Beey Enterprise model with a number of additional functions and personalized customer support.

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For individual users

6 €

for 1 hour of transcription (+ VAT)
Suitable for individual users. In-app purchases of hourly credits.


Premium features

Contact our team

Suitable for teams
Premium functions and API included. Contact us for more information.

Manual editing

Don’t waste time checking and editing the automatically transcribed text. Entrust this work to our professional editors.
The service is available directly in the Beey application. Just send your automatic transcript to our editors
and we will take care of everything else.

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Description of functions

Beey Standard Beey Enterprise
Tarif Payment according to recording length Subscription + payment according to recording length
Basic functions
In-app payment gateway
Self-service user account creation
Support for 19 languages
Advanced transcript editor
Automatic time alignment
Comments and tags
User dictionary
Automatic recalculation of timestamps
Automatic speaker change detection
Manual speaker editing
Manual speaker assignment
Project sharing
Automatic speaker identification
Export and subtitles
Export text formats
Media download
Export subtitles (SRT and VTT)
Inserting subtitles into video
Customizing subtitles (font, color, size)
Publishing videos in TV Beey
Extensions (Beey Apps)
Audio/video transcription from URL
Batch file transcription
Transcription of audio/video stream
Transcription of DSS/DS2 format
Customer and technical support
E-mail support
Phone support
Personal consultant
Individual dictionary updates
Linguistic consultation