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Record a business meeting

A detailed guide on how to make a quality recording of your business meeting. Read on to find out what equipment you will need.

With Beey, transcribing your business meetings will be simple and accurate, as long as you follow a few important rules. You can have a meeting with one business partner, or it can be a meeting with more participants.
One of the key conditions for a quality recording is all participants speaking directly into the microphone from a short distance, and the second condition is having no noise or distracting sounds in the room. Read the most important principles and tips on how to achieve this.

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Good practices of recording a meeting:

  1. Eliminate all interfering noise
    The most important thing that you must try to do is to eliminate all interfering background noise. Avoid recording your conversations in noisy surroundings such as cafés, shared office spaces, and other places with a higher concentration of people.
  2. Avoid recording without microphones
    You will probably be tempted to simply place a mobile phone or dictaphone on the table and start recording. Don’t do it. Your recording will be of poor quality and you may not be able to use it.
  3. Every participant should have their own microphone
    For your recording to be balanced and of good quality, make sure that all participants are speaking directly into the microphone from a close range. Passing one microphone back and forth is impractical and disruptive. Conference microphone systems are your best bet. Don\’t forget to agree with all participants in advance on how you’ll be recording. 

Pro Tip:

Do you need to record a meeting where some of the participants are connected remotely? Remember that the participants who are together in one room must be recorded based on this guide, and the resulting audio fed into the conference call. When you’re ready to transcribe, use the recording from the given platform. Remotely connected participants should be using a headset (headphones and microphone).

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