"For a long time now we’ve been searching for ways of lowering the administrative burden. The Beey application is exactly the innovative solution that we needed – it was a joy to introduce, because our employees took an immediate liking to it."
Ing. Alena Kochová, State Secretary Division, Department of the State Secretary's Office

Alternative Text

„Cooperation with Newton Technologies was extremely beneficial for XLAB due to the overall outcome of the event, which required us to translate and create subtitles for the recorded videos with speakers from all over Eastern Europe and the Middle East..

What I appreciate most about the collaboration is the accuracy of the timing, which the client greatly appreciated, but most of all the willingness and flexibility that we at XLAB were especially grateful for when producing such a demanding event. Likewise, by automating some of the processes, the cost of producing many hours of video material was significantly reduced. When producing similar material in the future, we will be happy to contact Newton Technologies again.”

Jan Mišák, Project manager, XLAB  

„Beey is a great helper for editing text. The main advantage from my point of view is the number of keyboard shortcuts that make work much easier. In addition, they are clearly listed in the menu, so they are always at hand when you have not used them for a long time. For interviews, you can easily save the individual speakers and then use them again at any time. And everything is saved continuously, so I there’s no risk of losing any changes in the text.” 

Nikola Budínová, professional editor  

„If you need a video with text, Beey is simply great. When you click into any part of the text, it automatically starts playing the video from that point, which makes any editing very fast. And the keyboard shortcuts also make editing very convenient and fast.”

Monika Koubová, transcription editor 

„We are very happy with Beey, everything works perfectly.”

Palacký University Olomouc, audio-visual production 

„Beey is a fantastic helper for creating written records. It’s great at transcribing Czech. It makes mistakes mostly in spots where the speaker is not speaking clearly. Working with the editor is very effective and, actually, fun! And another thing that I like is that Beey keeps coming up with new improvements. For example, some of the new keyboard shortcuts that I didn’t even know I needed, but as it turns out they are very practical.”

District Court for Prague 1, court reporter

„I use Beey often, mostly for recording witnesses on the stand, and the quality of the transcription is great.”  

Municipal Court in Prague, court reporter