Complete solution for media monitoring automation

Beey offers a unique system for spoken word monitoring (TV shows, videos, podcasts, online broadcasts)
using automatic transcription, including the optional text redaction, recording and text synchronization, and archiving.
All customized modules, including workflow, are available as a bundle or for individual implementation into your own software.

Team Beey provides user training and support, testing period, and possible modification of each module to suit your specific needs.


Record and archive

Television and radio signal reception
Processing and transcoding
Transcription and archiving
Integration via API



Transcription scheduling
Editorial team collaboration
Task assignment
Results automatically forwarded to client


Real-time speech recognition and transcription

Speech-to-text recognition and conversion
Synchronization of text to audio
Speaker detection, time stamps
Formatting and punctuation

Beey Editor

Transcribe and edit simultaneously

Start with editing immediately while your transcript is generated
Real-time stream transcription and editing
SpeakerID and role assignment
Professional proofreading

Subtitle Mode

Caption and Subtitle Videos

Automatically generated subtitles/captions
Edit the form and timing using a state of the art soundwave tool
Choice of length, colour, extension
Automatic translation option preserving the time stamps

Beey Publish

Publish the result

Multimedia player plug-in
Post your interactive transcript
and video with captions
Create your full-text searchable archive
Highlight specific keywords or speakers
Analyze speaker distribution and more

Select from many alternatives

Choose your best fit!

 Automatic transcription of audio and video files to text with optional editing
Sophisticated means of transcribing a significant amount of recordings
The entire workflow or individual integration (remotely or on premise)
Comprehensive solution for on and offline processing
Customizable to individual partner’s needs
Editorial team training sessions
Sharing our experience in automating the workflow
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