Translate your audiovisual content within seconds

Use automatic translation to reach a wider audience.

Be more international

Localize audio and video recordings with Beey Translate! Helping to remove language barriers, this integrated feature in the Beey editor empowers users to effortlessly translate their transcribed projects, subtitles, or summaries into other languages, redefining the way we connect and engage in a globalized world.

Same content, more viewers

The source language is not a limitation anymore. With support for over 22 languages, you can expand your reach and engage with a diverse audience. Whether you’re creating multilingual transcripts, subtitles, or summaries, our integrated translation add-on in Beey helps you amplify your content’s relevance and accessibility across cultures.

Compare and check

Beey Translate safeguards the integrity of your original content. By generating a duplicated project with chosen automatic translations, users can seamlessly compare it to the original while maintaining text synchronization with audio through precise timestamps. This meticulous approach empowers users to navigate multilingual projects with confidence, preserving both the essence and timing of their message.

Integrated translation

Streamline your work process when producing global video content, conducting cross-border business negotiations, or delivering multilingual educational materials. Automatic translation in Beey offers unparalleled efficiency and precision, enabling you to achieve your communication goals with ease. Try out the future of professional translation tools!

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Embrace the future of audiovisual content translation and elevate your productivity.
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