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How to add subtitles to a video
in VLC media player  

A detailed guide for adding Beey-generated subtitles to VLC media player

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Subtitles for videos are becoming increasingly popular. They allow us to watch videos even in settings, where it is not possible to play sound. They are, of course, indispensable for individuals with hearing impairments.

Learn the easiest way of playing a video with subtitles in the popular VLC media player.

The popular program for playing videos and other multimedia files VLC media player is free and has the functionality of easily adding subtitles to the video being played. If your computer doesn’t have this program installed, you can find an installation guide here:

  1. Transcribe the video in Beey
    Start simply by transcribing and correcting any errors in Beey. Instructions on how to quickly transcribe a video in Beey can be found here.
  2. Download your captions
    In Beey, click on the control panel’s menu (three vertical dots in a circle). Select Export subtitles, select the format srt (50 characters/line). For shorter videos or videos with the frame size 1:1 use the format srt (35 characters/line). Then select Export. The file containing your captions will be downloaded and saved to your computer.
  3. Open the video file in VLC media player
    Run VLC media player on your computer and open your video: in the main menu, click on “Media”, then “Open file”, select the desired video file from your computer and click on “Open”.
  4. Add subtitles to the video
    Click on “Subtitle”, then “Add subtitle file”. Select the corresponding subtitles file from your computer and click on “Open”.
  5. Play the video with subtitles
    Click on “Play” (or press the space bar). The video will begin playing with subtitles.

Pro tip
VLC media player allows you to easily change the display settings of your subtitles. Click on “Tools” and then “Preferences”. Go to the tab named “Subtitles / OSB”. In the section “Subtitle effects” you can set the desired font, font size, color or outline. Then click on “Save”. Don’t be afraid to experiment with this a little, because you can easily return to the default settings by clicking on “Reset preferences”.

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