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How to make great captions in Beey 

Learn how to use Beey for creating and exporting great captions for your videos

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Captioning videos can be very easy and fun. Forget about manually transcribing and timing each individual caption. Beey allows you to quickly create and edit an automatic transcript which can then serve as a base for captions. Read on to find out how.

  1. Make a video with quality sound
    The most important condition for a perfectly transcribed video is the sound quality. Remember that you will need not only a camera or mobile phone, but also a good quality microphone. Learn more about this in our guide How to make a high-quality audio recording.
  2. Log into Beey
    Log into your Beey account or create a new account hereIf you are using Beey for the first time, check out our quick guide for starting to work with Beey
  3. Upload your recording to Beey
    After logging in, click on “New project“, select the file containing your video, select the language of your recording and click on “Create“. If you are uploading a video from your computer, do it the way that you’re used to. If the recording is on your mobile phone, you can log into Beey from your mobile phone’s browser and upload the recording directly. Remember that video files are large and so the upload may take slightly longer.
  4. Check and edit the transcript
    Beey will begin to transcribe your video automatically. While the transcription is running, you can check it and correct any errors. Make sure that the transcript is correctly segmented based on speakers. Also check to make sure that the text is in sync with the audio track. If you come across a section where the sound and text do not line up properly, use the function for recalculating timestamps: click on the three-dot menu (Controls panel) and in the section Project click on „Recalculate timestamps“.
  5. Export captions
    Beey uses your edited transcript to create captions. There’s no need for you to do anything more. Click on the three-dot menu (Controls panel) and in the section Project click on „Export subtitles“. Select the desired format. Beey supports the two most common caption formats: SRT – the most popular format (for use on your computer, YouTube or Facebook) and VTT – for use on your website. Finally, click on “Export”. The captions will be automatically saved to your computer.

Pro tip
You can choose the captions format that is better suited to your needs: either 50 or 35 characters per line. For longer videos with a lot of text, use 50 characters. For shorter videos with short utterances, select the option of 35 characters per line.

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