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Make your own subtitles in Beey

Automatically transcribe video to text ◆ Edit text, timing, colour and position of subtitles ◆ Translate subtitles ◆ Download subtitles in many formats ◆ Embed subtitles in your video ◆ Post subtitled video to your website or social media

quickly and accurately

Supreme subtitles

An automatic transcription made in Beey is the ideal base material for generating subtitles for your video. In addition, you can edit the text, timing, length and segmentation of the subtitles by yourself. The finished subtitles can then be downloaded in many formats to suit your needs.

intuitive subtitle mode

Easy editing

In the editor’s subtitle mode, you can overview the full text, check a preview of the subtitles in the video, and position each caption in the sound wave preview. Everything can be edited either in the text field using handy keyboard shortcuts, or directly on the sound wave preview using drag&drop.

Content accessibility

Subtitles, captions & translation

Create great closed captions and translated subtitles using our automatic audio and text alignment. With the built-in automatic translation tool, you can quickly make your video available to audiences in up to 20 additional languages, as the timestamps of the original project are preserved after translation.

Large selection of options

Exported or embedded

You can download the finished subtitles in all common formats (SRT, VTT, STL, SSA, TTML) or burn them directly into the video. This way the subtitles will be displayed exactly the way you set them. You can also caption only a part of the video and download just that specific segment using the subtitle timestamps.

Getting started

Read our guides

How to generate simple subtitles or upload them on social media

Run our tutorial in the editor

Our interactive tutorial guides you through the basic controls directly in Beey

Professional subtitles

Don’t have time to edit subtitles manually on your own? Contact us and get ready-made custom subtitles proofread by our Studio Beey team of professional editors who caption anything from public television shows to business training webinars on a daily basis.

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