Czech AI Solution Implemented by Austria Press Agency’s Subsidiary

The Beey Workflow system by Newton Technologies is now available for the monitoring of podcasts, TV and radio broadcasts in Austria as well. The Czech company’s AI solution has been successfully implemented by the media intelligence company APA-Comm, a full subsidiary company of APA – Austria Press Agency. This partnership may become an inspiration for other companies in Europe.

APA Press release

Beey also excels in Norwegian thanks to the EEA and Norway Grants

Are you curious about the development and addition of a new language to Beey? NEWTON Technologies attended a meeting about our implementation of the EEA and Norway Grants. We introduced the NORDTRANS project, in which along with the Technical University of Liberec we are developing technology for automatic speech-to-text transcription for Norwegian.

This Voice Sounds Familiar! Automatic Speaker Recognition in Beey

New technology is now being developed for the Beey editor for recognizing a specific voice and matching it to the correct person from the database. SpeakerID will greatly increase the efficiency of editors and proofreaders who frequently encounter the same set of speakers in their speech-to-text transcripts.

Beey As an Ideal Tool for Teamwork

Beey has already been introduced as a great editor for individual voice to text transcription and the editing that follows. However, did you know that Beey can also be used for working in teams?

The Beey App Uses the Most Accurate Recognition Program on the Market

The online speech-to-text application Beey has launched a new generation of automatic recognition software. As expected, it performs more accurately and reliably than the previous model. Moreover, it has even passed in contrast to the global competition. See how Beey\’s transcription of various recordings compares to the results of Microsoft and Google\’s recognition programs. 

Helping with Beey: How we subtitle Ukrainian and Czech videos

Our team of professional editors uses the Beey online editor to speed up and streamline the creation of high-quality transcripts and subtitles for recordings in Czech and Ukrainian languages. This process can be also used by TV stations and government institutions to help during the current situation in Europe.

Professor Jan Nouza teaches human speech to computers. Interview with the founder of Computer Speech Processing Laboratory

Have you ever wondered how speech-to-text conversion actually works? Beey\’s system is based on the technology developed at the Technical University of Liberec, one of our long time partners. The founder and original team leader of the Computer Speech Processing Laboratory (SpeechLab), prof. Ing. Jan Nouza, CSc., has given an interview to the news service, in which he describes their system for automatic voice recognition in more detail. You can read an excerpt of this article, where the professor explains his part of the process, below.

Beey Gaining in Popularity Among Reporters. Interview with journalist Radka Wallerová

Beey’s users are well-represented in the journalism industry. One of them, Radka Wallerová, works as editor at Seznam zprávy and regularly uses Beey to transcribe interviews. She has been working as a journalist for many years. She told us about the first time she met our current president and what he was drinking at the time, how journalism has changed over the years, and what aspects of her job she doesn\’t enjoy.

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