New login options, interface improvements and more in version 0.40

Upgraded Beey version 0.40 is out! 

Beey now supports more login options through Facebook or Google accounts:
  • From now on, you don’t have to register separately to Beey and remember another password. Simply use you Google or Facebook account for logging in.
  • If you already have an account in Beey using the same e-mail address as your Facebook or Google account, you can use both login options.
New interface of user administration:
  • Reorganized user & team settings and added shopping cart button for faster credit purchase.
Other interface improvements:
  • Improved UX of editor side panel in collapsed state: All icons are clickable and can be used without expanding the panel completely.
  • Optimized preview of vertical videos.

… and more structural and bug fixes. 😊  

Are you interested in more information? Contact us at [email protected].

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