Font settings, speaker editing and more news in version 0.42

New Beey version 0.42 is out! 

New advanced subtitle options:
  • In addition to subtitle colour, you can now set the font type, size and background (black, transparent, semi-transparent) for your captions.
  • You can also set the collective positioning of all captions in the frame within a project.
Adjusting font size in the editor:
  • You can easily set the font size in the text field of the editor to be larger or smaller according to your preference; just click the Settings button at the top of the page.
Working with speakers in the editor made easier:
  • A new dialog is now available for adding a new speaker, where you can also edit or change the speaker in your database to be used in other projects.
  • When you hover over a speaker’s name, you will now see a trash can icon to quickly and easily delete the speaker.
Improved player layout with volume control:
  • The player controls are now repositioned next to the timeline to save space. There’s also an added feature to change the volume of your recording playback.

… and other background optimizations and bug fixes.

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