AI summarization, improved subtitle coloring and other changes in version 0.38

Upgraded Beey version 0.38 is out! 

Automatic summarization of projects using artificial intelligence:
  • It is now possible for Beey Enterprise clients to access automatic summarization of projects or sections
  • A short annotation of the project is created using ChatGPT in the language of your choice
  • To test the feature, email us and we’ll enable a beta trial for you
Improved settings for colouring subtitles:
  • New control of subtitle colouring by speaker in a separate settings window
  • This feature is available to all users via subtitle mode
More news for Beey Enterprise clients:
  • Enhanced transcript structuring – dividing text into sections using tags
  • Automatic deletion of inactive projects and recordings – optional settings for Teams with Beey Enterprise account

… and other optimizations and bug fixes 😊  

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