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Use transcripts of recordings and videos in local governments

Read about how you can make the production of records of council meetings
and other official meeting faster and easier. How Beey offers a low-cost and easy way of captioning videos, and ensuring the fulfilment of web accessibility conditions
for people with hearing impairments.

Preparing transcripts of many hours of council meetings does not have to be a tedious and time-consuming job. With Beey, you can do it in a fraction of the time that was needed before, when the minutes and records had to be prepared manually by the officials themselves. With your recordings in written form, you will be able to orient yourself with more ease. You will be able to search for names and key words. 
Your archives will become more accessible and easily searchable. What’s more, you’ll get complete captions for your videos, and thanks to transcripts you will be contributing to a more open and transparent environment.

  1. Transcribe your recordings in Beey
    Start simply by uploading your recording to Beey. Log into your Beey account or create a new account here. If you are using Beey for the first time, check out our quick guide for starting to work with Beey
  2. Check the quality of your transcript and edit if necessary
    A high-quality recording results in a high-quality transcript. Here you can read all about how to get a high-quality recording of your meeting. You can use the automatically transcribed text without any further changes, if you’re planning to use it to create a short form of your meeting minutes. If you need a full, verbatim transcript, you can make the necessary edits and check to make sure that the speaker segmentation is correct. Alternatively, you can leave the editing and final corrections with our team of professional editors.
  3. Make the most of text and sound alignment
    The Beey editor always keeps your audio aligned with the transcript using time stamps. This feature is useful for many reasons: It allows you to quickly find a specific place in long recordings, look for specific names for the purposes of anonymization, play selected chunks of text. Furthermore, it makes editing that much easier and allows you to quickly generate captions.
  4. Offer your transcript to citizens online 
    The public will also appreciate having council meetings available in written form. Provide them with the option of full-text searches in your recordings. Give them the option of reading the transcript when they cannot or do not wish to listen to the entire audio. Allow search engine bots to index the transcripts of council meetings and by doing so support openness and transparency in the local government. 

See for yourself how Beey can make your job easier and more efficient

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