Beey As an Ideal Tool for Teamwork

Beey has already been introduced as a great editor for individual voice to text transcription and the editing that follows. However, did you know that Beey can also be used for working in teams?    

Text transcription and editing may not be seem as team activities and they often require independent work. However, if the number of recordings to be processed is too large for a single person to handle, it might be preferable to redistribute the projects among several coworkers. In Beey, multiple users can be now associated to one account, creating your own team to easily monitor the total volume of transcribed recordings. It is also possible to view the list of projects that individual team members have been working on, as well as the minutes transcribed in a given month per each associated user. These reports can be further filtered or exported to a CSV spreadsheet that can be opened in MS Excel, for example.

The data above can prove useful especially when planning and organizing tasks within a group of several people. In addition to the usage list, Beey Teams also give an overview of the number of credits used, providing the data you need to plan your expenses for the next month etc. Within the team, only the Team Manager can access the payment gateway for purchasing credit, but all team members share this credit for transcribing their recordings.

In addition to usage tracking, there are benefits to the editing process as well. Within the team, all users share the list of previously saved speakers (including their roles), so subsequent editing is faster and more accurate, as frequently occurring names can be just selected from the list.

Sharing a project with another user is exceptionally easy. Simply enter the recipient\’s email address to a selected project and that project will automatically appear in the recipient\’s account for further work. When a shared project is deleted, the current user only loses their access to it, so no data is lost if one of the team accidentally disposes of a project.

User dictionaries are also among the additional shared features. They are particularly useful when the whole team transcribes similar types of recordings including unusual terms or names. The user dictionary is helpful in increasing the recognition success rate regarding pre-saved terms. However, the privacy of your user data is maintained, as it is shared only within the team and not publicly available.

We will continue to develop Teams in Beey as well as the rest of the editor. Future features will include options for reallocation of credits within a team, comprehensive transcription statistics, and further Team Manager’s control over the other users. 

If you\’d like to try out teamwork in Beey, feel free to contact us at We can help with creating your own team of users within the Beey editor.

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