Did you know which word has the same form in all languages? And no, we don’t mean „robot“

Beey has a talent for languages. It achieves great results no matter what language it’s transcribing, although it does have its favorites, of course. What\’s more, we’ve now taught it lots of new things (as you’ll see below). We mainly focus on teaching it things that our current as well as potential clients need or are interested in. Feel free to let us know what functions would be useful for you. And in exchange we’ll tell you the word that is understood in all languages. You will definitely have fun with this and help point our future developments in the right direction. But regarding the word – give it some time, and maybe you\’ll figure it out. 

Thank you and have a sweet day, 

Your Beey team 

Interesting news from our world

You don’t need professionals to boost your SEO, all you need are captions

Any captioned video provides more opportunities for indexing, easier search, and keyword increase, even if the captions are in the same language as the video. You’ll find out exactly how captions improve your SEO in the following article: The 6 Ways to Boost Your SEO With Captioning.

Creating a verbatim transcript of your meeting has never been easier

Reducing the administrative burden is something that many companies dream about. At a time when the majority of meetings takes place online, it’s possible to get an accurate transcript in just a few clicks. And the time saved can be used more productively, for example going to a Spanish class. A detailed and simple guide on how to get this done in Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and others can be found here.

Some of the new things that we’ve taught Beey

  • Exporting transcripts in .docx and .pdf formats
  • Exporting subtitles in a format suitable for Facebook.  
  • Displaying notes has improved, now you can see the full note in the editor without scrolling.
  • New keyboard shortcuts for fast editing.
  • Showing the transcription language in the project’s details as well as other improvements to the editor interface.

Purchasing credit via the payment gateway is now also possible in EUR and PLN.
And why pay for Beey?

  • You\’re helping us to further develop and improve an original Czech product.  
  • For every hour purchased, we will caption 10 minutes of beey.tv, an online television for the hard of hearing, which we provide free of charge.
  • Not only will you get a quality transcript, but also the option of effortlessly editing, sharing, exporting, captioning and other functions.

Poll: New Beey features

Help us decide what we should get started on now. And in exchange we\’ll tell you the word that is understood in all languages. Or do you know the answer already? Check if you were right or have the word revealed at the end of our small survey. Thank you for participating in the poll.

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