Beey newsletter: Is it true that humanity cannot survive without bees?

If bees die out, humanity will survive them by only four years, according to Albert Einstein, a man whose predictions shouldn’t be taken lightly. As we lovingly tend to our one Beey, it continues to make life easier for more and more of our clients. Most recently, Beey has started creating subtitles for TV Prima, one of the largest television stations in the Czech Republic.

Wishing you a sun-filled June (or day?)

Your Beey team

New things that Beey learned in May

  • Searching in all projects based on various criteria.
  • Improved playback speed settings.
  • Option to add personalized colour tags to projects.
  • Editor optimisation – go ahead and check out the fast response!
  • And many other improvements.

P.S. Beey loves learning new things, it will keep improving even over the summer holidays.

Interesting news from our world

Need to create subtitled and don’t know how to go about it?

Online videos with subtitles are growing in popularity, they boost viewership and are important for people with hearing handicaps. Learn how to add subtitles to your videos, score points with your website’s visitors and improve your karma. We’ve added a collection of simple tutorials to our web pages. The instructions teach you how to create subtitles and then upload them to Facebook or YouTube, or how to open them in VLC media player. With our step-by-step manual you will be able to do all these things quickly and effortlessly, as if you’d been doing them all your life:

Results of our April survey

A big thank you to everyone who took part in our survey and provided us with important feedback (and positive comments that made our day).

We have already started to incorporate most of your suggestions, except for transcriptions of Esperanto, which we are currently not planning to include. As far voting for new features, the winning project by far was: Finetune editing and subtitle creation. And you know that your wishes are our command! So, once we got the survey’s results, our programmers immediately took to their keyboards, and we are looking forward to introducing the special subtitling mode very soon.

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