Beey newsletter: What should you do when your job no longer feels fulfilling?

Our programmer Barbora Skálová discovered a great answer to this question. If you need some inspiration, in the link below you can read all about her journey and how she came to be on our team. Sometimes, you just need to find the courage to make a change and then keep on the path that makes sense to you. What makes sense for us is supporting people with hearing impairments.  We have also successfully promoted subtitles at the INSPO conference for people with special needs. And we will continue to do so because we know that there are people among us for whom this is very important. Anyone can create subtitles. Instructions on how to do this for any video can be found on our website ( We would like to thank you on behalf of the Deaf community.

Wishing you a wonderful, colourful autumn.

Your Beey team

P.S.: „… the only way to do great work is to love what you do.“ Steve Jobs 

What should you do when your job no longer feels fulfilling?

New things that we’ve taught Beey

  • Localization of new languages; Spanish, Russian, and Serbian.
  • Automatic spellcheck. If it’s enabled in your browser, it will automatically work in Beey, too. 
  • And, what’s more, we’ve improved the appearance of the media player.

Interesting news from our world

Write a review for Beey and receive a voucher for 20 EUR 

The Beey application is now on the international software marketplace website Capterra, which helps users choose the software best suited to their needs. The most useful tools for choosing any new product are reviews from other users and their personal experiences. Help others by writing a review of Beey. You will also help spread awareness of this Czech product on the international market, and additionally you’ll receive a voucher for 20 euros which can be redeemed on Amazon. This offer only stands until the end of the month. You can start writing your review here:

A good-quality microphone can be the key to an excellent transcription. Which one should you choose?

An important factor in the accuracy of your automatic transcription is a good-quality audio recording, to which the use of a suitable microphone can contribute significantly. With smartphone connectivity and easy availability on the Czech market as our main conditions, we selected several devices in different price categories and tested them in both quiet and noisy environments. We had the resulting recordings transcribed in Beey and then evaluated the accuracy by comparing the transcription with the reference text. You can read the results of the price vs. performance test here.

An increasing number of courts of justice are using Beey for automatic transcriptions

Automatic and therefore fast and unquestionable transcription is very beneficial and important in the field of the judiciary. As per the needs of the Czech courts, the Beey application was installed directly at the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic, specially adapted and connected to the recording systems from the courtrooms. Stenographers then simply check the automatic transcription and correct any errors. The positive feedback is a testament to the quality of this fine-tuned service and has inspired us to offer our know-how to other countries.

Newton Group founder Petr Herian has received a prestigious award  

During the INSPO conference, which has long been dedicated to modern technologies for people with specific needs, our company’s founder received an award. Our modern subtitling system significantly helps break down communication barriers for people with hearing impairments, because automation makes subtitling fast, inexpensive and accessible to anyone. “This activity makes a lot of sense to me, and I am pleased that our product Beey is helping people. I also see the award as a kind of commitment to the future,” says Petr Herian.

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