What is Beey?

Online tool for converting audio and video to text

Your audio recordings from meetings, interviews, or online files are automatically converted to text.

Editing and formatting of text

Automatic transcriptions are never 100% accurate. The Beey environment allows you to edit them efficiently and comfortably.

Archiving and sharing

Beey allows you to archive all of your recordings and transcriptions. That way they are always available for future use.

Key features

Speed and accuracy

Fast and accurate speech-to-text technology using deep neural networks

Supports 19 languages

Automatic transcription of recordings to text in 18 languages

Speaker detection

Automatic speaker change detection in recordings

Fast editing

Automatic punctuation and fast formatting for further use of the transcribed text

Use cases

Verbatim minutes of council meetings

Subtitles for videos

Podcast transcription

Documentation of official meetings

Availability of video and audio content for people with hearing disabilities

Full-text search in archives

DEMO video with subtitles

Check out our demo video with English subtitles to see what the result looks like. Enjoy! 

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Only 10 ¢ per minute of recording

Transcribing a minute of recording costs a few cents. The service is charged by hourly packages, i.e. 6 € per hour of recording.

Trial version for free!

If you're not sure about the type of transcription you need, you can try out Beey for free. Just start by filling out the form below.

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By filling out this form you will create a user’s account in the application. You can try Beey for free and unsubscribe at any time. You have 30 minutes of credit available free of charge. You can top up your credit anytime directly in the application.