Faster editing of automatic transcription,A more accurate transcript of your recordings,Captioning videos made easy

Beey automatically converts your audio and video files to text. Try it out and see just how easy it can be.
After logging in, you will receive 30 minutes of free credit.
You can conveniently top up your hourly credit with a credit or debit card directly in the application.

Start working with Beey

Be(ey) in good company

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Convert your audio or video to text

Beey automatically converts voice to text. But it can do much more than that.

Converting audio and video to text

Beey will automatically convert your videos, podcasts, meeting minutes, online meetings, interviews, recorded lectures or files from the Internet to text.

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Facilitating text editing and formatting

Automatic transcripts are never 100%. However in the Beey editor, you can quickly and conveniently correct transcripts.

Learn about the key features of the Beey editor.

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Creating video subtitles

Subtitling a video in Beey is a matter of minutes. Upload video to Beey, fix errors, export subtitles in SRT or VTT format.

Subtitles from Studio Beey are (among others) used by major Czech TV stations, such as Nova, Prima, and DVTV.

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Collaborate in a team and share your transcripts in the Beey application

In a second you will share, sort or annotate with others. You also have many export options, or you can easily copy formatted text to other applications.

Check out our tips on how Beey can be used in a team.

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Recognize speech in 20 languages




















How does Beey work?

Find out more about our unique speech-to-text application in this short video.

  1. 1
    Make an audio or video recording

    The recording quality is essential for the automatic transcription’s accuracy.

  2. 2
    Make corrections

    Correct any errors in the intuitive editor.

  3. 3
    Download subtitles or a text document

    The final transcript can also be copied to other text editors, e.g. MS Word.

Happy customers

Join hundreds of satisfied users of the Beey application

Thanks to the Beey application our viewers can watch all of our videos with subtitles on the streaming television

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Jan Rozkošný

The use of automatic voice-to-text conversion has enabled us to expand and improve services for our customers.

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Vít Kadlec

Half a million people with hearing impairments can now watch their favorite videos with subtitles thanks to Beey.

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Jaroslav Winter


Choose your pricing model

In the basic price model Beey Standard, we will charge you only 0.10 € + VAT per minute of your audio recording. You can buy credit (for our transcription services) in hourly packages directly in the application using a payment card. For more demanding customers, we have prepared the Beey Enterprise model with a number of additional functions and personalized customer support.

See full price list


For individual users

6 €

for 1 hour of transcription (+ VAT)
Suitable for individual users. In-app purchases of hourly credits.


Premium features

Contact our team

Suitable for teams
Premium functions and API included. Contact us for more information.

Manual editing

Don’t waste time checking and editing the automatically transcribed text. Entrust this work to our professional editors.
The service is available directly in the Beey application. Just send your automatic transcript to our editors
and Studio Beey will take care of everything else.

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